August 2018 Nature Inspired Surface Design Inspiration

By August 1, 2018October 31st, 2018Nature Inspired Trends
Acorns ripening on the native British oak tree

Need Some Surface Design Inspiration?

AUGUST – ‘Lazy Days’

AUGUST is a time of sparkling raindrops after summer storms. So followed by rays of warm sun and heat, the caterpillars of the Small Tortoiseshell butterflies are encouraged to emerge to feast on the drying nettles.

Using our good old and frequently overlooked British stinging nettle illustration, we have created some striking silhouette wall and surface designs.

At LM Art Licensing Limited we have a collection of over 1000 British wildlife illustrations. Because of this unique collection we can create millions of design possibilities for your brand.


Nature Inspired Design for endless product and surface design opportunities.

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