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Bizarre but Beautiful British Wildlife for the Quirky Collection

Bizarre but beautiful British wildlife for the quirky collection

Interest in nature and animals has tipped over into the design world. While designers might think they should look to exotic rainforests or other continents to draw inspiration from, British wildlife is full of beautiful and intriguing creatures, from birds to beetles. The colourful, unique and interesting animals that inhabit our rivers, forests and fields are the perfect place to draw inspiring design ideas from to craft unique products.

These 8 British animals could be the start of a creative design project for you:

Fox – The vivid oranges and piercing eyes of foxes make them a wonderful creature to use in an illustration. The adaptable fox lives across the UK, from woodland areas to urban cities, and could give your design a unique twist.

Green tiger beetle – Bugs and insects are in fashion right now, gracing everything from clothing to notepads and fortunately the UK is home to a collection of bizarre and beautiful beetles. The bright hue and unique shape of the green tiger beetle stands out against other wildlife.

Goldcrest – The distinctive orange and black marking on top of a goldcrest’s head, resembling a mohawk, gives this little bird an appeal for designers. Just one of Britain’s beautiful birds, the goldcrest could be perfect to add some colour and fun to your creations.

5 spot burnet butterfly – The cool combination of black wings and bright red spots means that this British butterfly is instantly recognisable and very unique. It’s not a species that everyone in the UK will be familiar with, but it’ll stand out in a design thanks to its markings and colouring.

Green woodpecker – Woodpeckers are well known due to their incessant drilling on trees but we think they could be used more in design. The green woodpecker found in the UK features stunning green feathers and a red marking along its head which would create a vibrant look.

Brimstone butterfly – Brimstone butterflies are truly beautiful with their delicate wings, subtle markings, and pale colouring. Using their illustration is the perfect way to bring a touch of summer to designs and complement floral images or bright lettering.

Darter dragonfly – Insects are a great place to draw inspiration from and the darter dragonfly is no different. The colours, translucent wings and recognisable shape make it an excellent design choice.

Squirrel – The cheeky and energetic squirrel might be commonplace across the UK but it still captures the attention, especially when it comes to children. It’s busy tail, scampering run and cute looking appearance means it’s ideal for bringing a sense of fun.

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