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Rights License

We can license most rights for our library of illustrations which are protected by copyright, as defined under the Copyright, Design and Patents Act 1988 (as amended).

  • These include:
  • Making a copy of the copyrighted work.
  • Distributing copies of the copyrighted work to the public by means of renting or lending.
  • Communicating copies of the work to the public.
  • Our grant of rights is made on a one-time, non-exclusive basis; exclusivity can be discussed and is subject to the details of any agreement.

Geographical Areas Covered

Currently we are set up to manage a license’s within the UK, but are happy to discuss other geographical locations and we work to ensure that any licensed is issued under the selected countries laws.

Provision of High Resolution Images

A copyright fee covers the license to reproduce a work of art only. There will be an additional charge for the supply of a high resolution image of the artwork, which we can supply on request.

Prices Calculation

The pricing of a license to use copyright artworks on merchandising is worked out according to an agreed percentage of the retail or wholesale price, multiplied by the number of items being produced. A minimum fee and/or an advance payment may apply. An estimated price will be quoted on application. As a general rule percentage rates are usually 5 – 10% of retail price or 15 – 20% of wholesale price but are subject to the industry and anticipated use.

Duration of License Agreements

Subject to the industry and anticipated use, most of our licenses last between 1 – 3 years but can be on a rolling contract can be negotiated.

Effective Date versus Planned Date

Prior to creation of any publication or product a copyright license needs to be in place to allow use of the image during creation of layouts or proofs. This is the point at which a license needs to be effective from,(Effective Date) as this is generally prior to the print date which is the Planned Date of Use when the product goes live, is published, or is available to the public.

Our Licensing Principles

  • We aim to protect the integrity of our artworks by ensuring any licensed use meets the following criteria:
  • The colour is reproduced as faithfully as possible
  • The artist is credited as the creator of the work
  • The work is not cropped, overprinted or manipulated
  • The title of the work is cited accurately
  • The work is reproduced in its entirety
  • The work is not subjected to any derogatory treatment
You can find our terms and conditions here.

Process for Issuing a License

If you are interested in potentially licensing our illustrations and design please contact us at [email protected] providing the following details: 

The artwork you want to reproduce

How you wish to reproduce the work, i.e. in full, or cropped, manipulated or over-printed

Type of product you wish to create;

The anticipated print/production run of the item you will be producing (is it a single/limited production or a multiple production run?)

If a third party manufacturer is involved in the process

The retail or wholesale price of the merchandise

Whether the artwork will be used on any packaging relating to the merchandise

Where will the product be sold

How the price is calculated

An idea of the design layout that you are interested in

This is just a small summary of our licensing process please contact us to discuss how we can help you.

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