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Nature Inspired Trends

December Blog HeaderNature Inspired Trends

December Nature Ivy Leaf Wall Art

Need Some Nature Ivy Leaf Wall Art? DECEMBER - Winter Solstice DECEMBER is a time dominated by darkness with short days.  The low winter light highlights the beauty of leafless winter trees. The sparkling early morning frosts contrasting with the eternally present dark shiny leaves of the ivy, where many creatures seek sanctuary during the cold months of winter.  …
Rachel Merrick
December 1, 2018
November Blog HeaderNature Inspired Trends

November Nature Inspired Textile & Canvas Wall Art

Need Some Nature Inspired Textile & Canvas Wall Art ? November - Autumnal Hues NOVEMBER is a  time of a descent into dark nights, a month of changes, rain, wind and occasional sun. So when birds and animals are seeking shelter, the the resourceful rabbit remains a constant feature of the winter landscape.   At LM Art Licensing Limited we…
Rachel Merrick
November 1, 2018
Great British beetles with their irridescent coloursNature Inspired Trends

September Nature Inspired Wallpaper Design

Need Some Nature Wallpaper Design Inspiration? September - Reap & Gather SEPTEMBER– a month of morning mists, mellow sun and an abundance of nuts and berries for birds and animals to feast upon, as well as the vibrant colours of late flowering Autumn gentian and other flowers. At LM Art Licensing Limited we have a collection of over 1000 British…
Rachel Merrick
September 1, 2018
Acorns ripening on the native British oak treeNature Inspired Trends

August Nature Inspired Surface Design Inspiration

Need Some Surface Design Inspiration? AUGUST - 'Lazy Days' AUGUST is a time of sparkling raindrops after summer storms. So followed by rays of warm sun and heat, the caterpillars of the Small Tortoiseshell butterflies are encouraged to emerge to feast on the drying nettles. Using our good old and frequently overlooked British stinging nettle illustration, we have created some…
Rachel Merrick
August 1, 2018
High clouds and blue July skyNature Inspired Trends

July Nature Inspired Surface Design Inspiration

Need Some Surface Design Inspiration? JULY - Summer Vibes JULY is a month of buzzing insects around an abundance of flowers, spiders in sparkling webs and darting dragonflies hunting over meadows and ponds. At LM Art Licensing Limited we have a collection of over 1000 British wildlife illustrations. Because of this unique collection we can create millions of design possibilities…
Rachel Merrick
July 1, 2018
Bizarre but beautiful British wildlife for the quirky collectionNature Inspired Trends

Bizarre but Beautiful British Wildlife for the Quirky Collection

Interest in nature and animals has tipped over into the design world. While designers might think they should look to exotic rainforests or other continents to draw inspiration from, British wildlife is full of beautiful and intriguing creatures, from birds to beetles. The colourful, unique and interesting animals that inhabit our rivers, forests and fields are the perfect place to…
Rachel Merrick
April 25, 2018
April Blog HeaderNature Inspired Trends

April Nature Inspired Surface Design Trends

Need Some Inspiration? Look to Nature for Ideas.   Using the native wildflower commonly seen in our hedgerows at this time of year, the Lord's and Ladies plant. Lovely structural leaves and later in the season striking red and green clustered fruits.   Using this leaf as a design template we have created some wall design ideas for our April…
Rachel Merrick
April 15, 2018